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Weekend Altar Servers, Extraordinary Ministers,
Lectors, Sacristan Scheduler
Bill Raasch 492-9728

Altar Servers (Youth)
Dan Dacey 493-9107

Altar Servers, Extraordinary Ministers,
Lectors (Weekdays)
Fran Pennypacker 497-2931

Arimatheans Ministry
Gail Davey 493-7712
Pete Spagnuolo 786-6638
Jean Morgan 451-8301

Carol Addona 497-2931

Council of Catholic Women
JoAnne Youman 786-3163

Divorced & Separated
Bob & Chris Smialek 815-275-5305

Extraordinary Ministers (Homebound)
Carol Addona  497-2931

Faith Formation
Elisa Dacey 493-9107

Finance Council
Jack Powers 497-0114

Floral Coordinator
Parish Office 497-2931

Funeral Planner
Carol Addona 497-2931

Gift Shop
Janine Marrone 497-4917

Knights of Columbus (Grand Knight)
Kevin Lynch   493-4376 

Legion of Mary
Janine Marrone  497-4917

Marian Vergona  493-3313

Marian Movement of
Priests Cenacle
Maureen Foeller 321-8855

Medjugorje Prayer Group
LaVerne Leuzinger 497-0734

Music Ministry
John Nastasi   239-910-4271

Pastoral Council
Kirby Meagher 497-7907

Prayer Blanket Ministry
Carol Addona 497-2931
Mary Lynne Izzo 239-823-1273

Prayer Shawl Ministry
Joan Noren  412-4745

Prison Ministry
John Dinka 497-5238
Don Burnham 493-1898
Ron Hoza 497-1194

RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults)
Neil Chirico 497-2931

Respect Life
John & Kathy Yaglenski

Respite Care
Carol Addona 497-2931

Rosary Making Guild
Kathy Brogan    496-4145
JoAnne Youman 786-3163

Diana Armstrong   408-9836

Senior Singles
Josie Ennes   416-1658

Sewing Ministry
Audrey Towsley 497-0237

Steering Committee
Dick Pillart 492-5577

St. Vincent DePaul 
Gerry Walsh 493-2027

Mary Hagarty Simek 496-9222
T.J. Hannaway 484-8939

Welcoming Ministry

Mary Nowe

 Youth Ministry
Cierra Evancho   544-8752