Pastoral Council

Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council at Our Lady of Lourdes is an appointed group of parishioners who serve as advisers and consultants to our Pastor/Administrator.  One of the primary roles of each Council member is to attempt to represent the people of our parish in formal discussions with our Pastor/Administrator regarding issues that will help us to fulfill our Parish Mission Statement and Parish goals.

Parish Mission Statement

The mission of Our Lady of Lourdes Parish is to be a warm, open, welcoming community for all ages, united in the Catholic faith and devoted to giving witness to the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.  The Parish will provide ministries, guidance and support to celebrate the Eucharist, and with the help of The Holy Spirit, live the Word of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Current Members of The Pastoral Council:

Sue Ann Griffith
Diana Armstrong
Elisa Dacey
Kirby Meagher


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Parish Goals

Leadership:   Provide and support the Ministries to build, educate, strengthen, and organize the lay leadership needed to accomplish our mission.

 Respect for all Life:   To practice and promote respect for all life, including the unborn, youth, the aged, the sick, the disabled, the poor and the needy. 

 Worship:  To supplement and enhance our celebration of The Liturgy so that it inspires and fulfills all of those who worship at Our Lady of Lourdes.

 Community:  To enhance the experience of our Christian Community through increased faith formation and Parish life activities including welcoming and nourishing all members to bring Christ's presence to the world.

 Stewardship:  To bring Our Lady of Lourdes Parishioners into a closer relationship with God through the experiences of giving time, talent and treasures that we help to create, by offering occasions where this giving is consciously evoked as a spiritual act and practice. 

 Communication:  To initiate and improve communication to all Parishioners to facilitate their awareness of Parish life and their Catholic Faith and to facilitate communication between Parish Ministries.