Youth Group Calendar


 Youth Group Schedule

Youth group is held in the education building every Wednesday night from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm.  

Take a look at the calendar below for special events and text EVENTS and YOUR NAME to 941 544 8752 to sign up for text message alerts.

Date Time Activity Location
August 27  

Faith Formation Registration

Education Building, Our Lady of Lourdes
August 27 6:30 pm

Q & A with Bishop Dewane

Parish Hall, Epiphany Cathedral, Venice Island
Sept 13 6 pm

Parent Meeting & Youth Group Registration

Education Building

40 Days for Life

Info to be announced.

Oct 22 12:30

Family Harvest Party

Pavilion, Our Lady of Lourdes

Nov 4  

Diocesan Youth Rally

Punta Gorda Convention Center
Dec 9  

Night of Praise with Joe Farris


Our Lady of Lourdes
Dec 10 11:30

Family Class with Joe Farris


Parish Hall, Our Lady of Lourdes
Dec 20 6-8

White Elephant Christmas Party

Education Building


Please call for information, details and to RSVP to all special events noted above.  Some of these events may have a fee.  Many of the events are free or paid for through our various fundraisers throughout the year.  If you are interested in attending or being a chaperone for these activities, please contact Cierra at 941-544-8752.  *Regular meetings are open and no RSVP is necessary.